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Our Services
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Computer Repair

Hardware. Software. Desktop. Laptop. Servers. Blue screen, Black screen? Error Messages? Got a virus? Can't send and/or receive emails? Computer won't power on? Something broken? Computer crashed? We can recover your lost data. When your computer isn't working as it should, you need to call us. We will troubleshoot the problem and make sure you are up and running in no time. We'll get you the parts you need ASAP. Call us to get that laptop or desktop back up to standards.


PC Maintenance

When dust accumulates, it attracts moisture and this salty air, causing long term problems and it makes your system run hotter than it should causing blue screens and broken hardware. Why wait until it breaks? At Belize Computer Guy we offer fully customizable maintenance plans to fit your needs. Weekly, Monthly...which ever is best for you. We'll visit your location and make sure you are virus/adaware/spyware free. We'll check to make sure your software, drivers, and system is up to date and meets your needs. We'll make sure your system is physically clean. And let's not forget, DO YOU HAVE YOUR DATA BACKED UP??? You can't afford not to have one of our maintanence plans.

Software Training

Many of us, especially business owners, spend a lot of money buying software. It's time to make sure you're getting what you paid for. Let Belize Computer Guy educate you. We've found that companies waste money when their employees aren't properly trained in using computer applications. Why spend an hour sending the same email 50 times when you can mass email the same information to the same 50 people in just a few clicks. Call us and we'll see if we can help you.

Belize Computer Guy
Fast & Reliable Computer Help That Travels to You
Barry Vista
General Delivery
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Belize, Central America



New business, established business, hotel, retail, resort, or home user? If you're not sure what your business needs are or if you're about to start one, we can use our years of experience to advise you on what technology needs will put you on a path to success. From wireless internet to satellite, from one computer to an entire network, printer, fax, copier or an all in one --- we'll help you understand what will meet your needs now & help you plan for future growth. One call, that's all; Belize Computer Guy.

Cable DSL Satellite

Is your internet too slow??? Sometimes you can connect, sometimes you can't? Maybe you need to upgrade your Cable or DSL speeds. Let us do a checkup on your network. Maybe it is time to upgrade that old modem or router. Maybe it's time for wireless. If you live up north or down south or if you're just tired of slow speeds, then Satellite is for you. What ever your needs may be, we'll make sure you're online to see those pictures of the new grandchildren at home or to make sure you're receiving those reservations at the resort. Home or business...and best yet...we come to you.


Do you have more than one computer at home or in the office? Then you are already one step closer to having an up and running network. We can configure your network so that you only need one printer for the entire office. Share printers, share documents, share files. With a correctly configured network your office or home computers will work seamlessly with each other.

Wireless Internet / Wireless Security

Are you tired of being tied down to the desk. Then free yourself and go wireless!!! We can turn your network/internet into a wireless network. Check emails on the sofa, surf the web while lying in bed. If you currently have wireless at home but it doesn't reach this room or that room, then call us, we'll make sure your wireless internet is strong enough to reach wherever you want to be.

Has your wireless internet speed suddenly slowed? Call us to do a secure check of your network. We'll secure your network to make sure only people you allow are using your internet. Remember, the more people using your wireless internet the slower it gets. So lets make sure no one is stealing your wireless signal.

Virtual Voicemail Service

Do you wish you could bring your phone calls with you wherever you go? Do you leave the country for days, weeks, or months at a time and wish you didn't have to miss your phone calls? Don't miss your calls. Do you have important calls you can't miss or do you just hate being out of service. We have the solution for you --- VIRTUAL VOICEMAIL.

Wherever you happen to be, if you have access to your email you can have access to your voicemail. International roaming calls can cost dollars per minute. Try Virtual Voicemail for dollars per month. Are you a Digicell customer? Are you a SMART phone customer? Our service will work for you. Avoid the hassle and inconvience of carrying two cell phones or two SIM cards with you. Join our list of many happy customers. Click here for more information and pricing.

Graphic Design

Need a sign, a menu, business cards, etc... If you have a new idea or are trying to freshen up something previously designed, then let us know. We'll meet with you to figure out your target audience and then find a layout and design that is exactly what you need. I've seen people pick up an advertisement and then put it right back? Why? It didn't get their attention, it didn't pop, it didn't move them to want it? We can change that. You can change that. Just call us.

iPhone and iPod Touch

It surprises me how many people have iPhones but only use them as iPods. Get it unlocked!!! Use your SIM card, your phone number, with your iPhone. Let us unlock it for you. We can also install applications on your iPhone or iPod touch for you. Games, tools, utilities, messengers, video cameras, Facebook, backgrounds, ringers, the list goes on... there are thousands of applications available to you. Others have paid to get their phone unlocked only to find it can't be done. We can do it. We offer pickup and delivery, just call us and we'll get you unlocked and loaded.