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Why call us?

First of all we come to you. If it's problem related, we'll troubleshoot your problem right at your location. If the problem requires further testing and/or repair, we'll take it to our lab. We'll try to get you back up and running ASAP.

Why do I need virus software?

Everyday, hundreds of new virus' are created, not counting the virus' that are already spreading around on the internet. Most computer comes with a trial version of virus software that expires in 30, 60, 90, or 180 days. Once it expires you are no longer given access to updates. This means that with every passing day, you are more and more vulnerable to infection. Some virus' just send out emails, some virus' slow your system down, and some virus' will totally crash you computer. Why wait until it's too late. The best part is, there are some free virus scanning applications available to most home users.

What is spyware/adaware/hijackers?

Spyware can sit on your computer and track your internet usage, log passwords, and slow down your system. Adaware will cause unwanted pop up windows to appear on your screen while you're surfing the web. Hijackers will redirect you to an unwanted website. For example, you may type in but it may send you to some other site.

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Do I have a virus? Symptoms?

Some virus' will go unnoticeable, sitting dormant on a system until it's tme to wreak havoc. Others will slow your computer down, sometimes affecting system performance so bad that it's nearly impossible to work. If normal processes (for example --- opening email, opening an application, booting up) seem to be taking longer than usual than you may have a virus. As always, avoid opening emails from unknown sources, especially if they contain attachments. And if you just can't resist opening those emails, then watch out for any links provided, they may be bogus.

What is a maintenance plan?

Our maintenance plans can be customized to fit your needs. You may not need a new computer, just a bit of maintenance to work that slow computer back into a speedy machine. Business users and home users can benefit greatly from these plans. We offer monthly or bi-monthly plans that will keep your computers, laptops, and servers in excellent running condition. We will come to your location and start first with physically cleaning the system. Dust in our environment can really shorten the lifespan of any electronic devices, esepecially your already sensitive computer. Salty moisture will accumulate in the dust and speed up corrosion and rust. So first things first we have to get that system clean, both internally and externally. Next we clean up the hard drive, from the registry to unwanted programs, anything that will slow performance and take up space. (Beware of any program claiming to be a registry cleaner. Modifying the registry of a computer can break the machine. Only trained individuals should modify the registry of any computer system.) Next, we update virus programs, the operating system, and all other software packages. We will even search and make sure that all of your system drivers are up to date. Don't wait until it breaks. A little preventitive maintenance will keep your system healthy. Who of us waits for a cavity and then starts to brush our teeth??? No one, we do a little preventitive maintenance to keep the problems away.

Why should I secure my wireless?

Your internet is your internet. Unless you are trying to share it with the neighbors or passerbys then you want to lock it down. Each unauthorized person that is using your internet slows you down 50%. If two people are using it without your knowing, then you are only getting 25% of the internet speed you are paying for. Internet prices are extrememly expensive and you are paying for a certain amount of bandwidth, or speed. With each system that connects to the wireless signal, network performance slows, especially if computers are downloading large amounts of data. By securing, or "locking down", your wireless, you are making sure that you're getting the internet speeds that you are paying for. It also keeps your computer data secure. If someone can join your wireless network, they can easily get access to your documents, files, pictures, etc... that are stored on your computer. So call us and we'll get you secure in no time.

Do I need a license to install this software?

Each peice of software is different, but unless you are installing shareware or freeware, then you probably need a license. It's common to have unlicensed or pirated software circulating around and being used. For our customers, we recommend only installing properly licensed software. Why? A lot of times we can pay a cheap price for hacked/pirated/unlicensed software. The cheaper the better right? WRONG! Many times, once a false software license is detected by a company, they will shut this license down. How does this affect you, the end user? Well all of sudden that piece of software that you paid for stops working since it's not authentic. This means you now have downtime and wasted money. The Belize Computer Guy is not only thinking about your immediate needs now, but we are also trying to protect you from problems in the future. Technology grows and we want you to grow with it. Don't get left behind.

Can you recover my lost data?

We always recommend purchasing some sort of back up protection. Whether that is off site storage or an external hard drive or burning important data to DVD's. When a system crashes, every situation is different. But 90% of time we can recover data stored on your systems hard drive. We know how important those documents, pictures, songs, movies, emails, and other files are, so we will try our hardest to recover it for you. Do you have a backup plan??? If not you need to call us ASAP. Unfortunately we don't realize how important these files are until we lose them. Call us now!!!

Who designed this website?

The Belize Computer Guy designed this website. Feel free to email comments or recommendations. This is just an example of what we offer to you when it comes to web design. Granted this website isn't very graphic intensive or flashy, but over the years our customers have always been left happy with our work. If you have anything you'd like to see added to the website, shoot us an email. I'm thinking of added a small classifieds page to help our customers sell items. Also, maybe an "Item of Month" page to pass on our savings to you when it comes to the latest and greatest. Just let us know, we're here for you.