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Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, I've been in San Pedro for the past three years. My wife and I are here doing volunteer teaching but instead of going back to the States to work like usual, I've decided to use my past technical experience here in San Pedro. With more than 15 years of computer experience, a degree in Computer Network Engineering, and many proprietary certificates from four years of work at Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans and four years at Wachovia Bank in Charlotte, NC, I'm bringing that experience here to San Pedro and Belize.

I'm not here to get rich, I'm just here to offer my expertise to those who need it and at the same time pay the bills. Looks like a win win situation to me. We find island life here on Ambergris Caye to be exciting, relaxing, and a source of happiness. It's nice to step back from the rush and grind of the States and what a better way to do it than to find the perfect balance between work and life here in San Pedro.


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